Wooden Boat Manufacturing

Wooden boats of various sizes and widths are manufactured in our shipyard. Since each of the boats manufactured is completely customer-specific, the manufacturing steps for each of them start from scratch.

The boats we manufacture: Yacht, Gulet, Wood Ketch, Composite Yacht, Laminated Yacht and Tirhandil

Wooden Yacht Manufacturing

With today's technology, first-class quality yacht desired length...


Wooden Gulet Manufacturing

With today's technology, building gulet premium in the desired size...


Wooden Tirhandil Manufacturing

Production of the desired length with today's technology, first-class quality Tirhandil...


Composite Yacht Manufacturing

Yacht Guletti who closely follow the most advanced technological systems


Wood Ketch Manufacturing

Exotic, mahogany, teak in Wood Ketch Manufacturing...


Manifacturing of Laminated Yacht

We are using mahogany and teakwood imported during the manufacture of a boat laminated