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Manufacturing Wooden Yacht - Bodrum Turkey

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Pine, oak, and native trees such as chestnut that were used in the past in the manufacturing of yacht wooden boats were replaced with exotic imported mahogany, and teak like imported trees processed in ovens extending the life of yacht wooden.

Lloyd and CE certified international standard specifications are applied in the manufacturing of the yacht wooden. In recent years, the interest for Blue Cruise and boat rentals in Turkey has increased as a result there is a very rapid increase in vessel production and many vessels locally manufactured can easily find buyers in the international market.

If you want to build a yacht wooden your needs, you can enjoy our experience during the project creation. At the same time you can enjoy our services at the end of the production.

If you want to make a yacht wooden
First, we must create the project for you. The most important part of the project is choosing the right wood. Depending on the type and size of the boat laminated, the construction can take from 10 to 20 months.
We work with meticulous attention to all stages of production and a laminating technique is applied. From beginning to end production of a yacht wooden must be made in accordance with certain rules and standards.  Tree selection and implementation, engine installations, electronics, sailing equipment, furniture components; it is a very nice heavy work and it also includes the high costs. Errors and mistakes in the application bring irreparable problems and cost increases.  The manufacture of a yacht wooden should be done under the supervision of the architect, engineer, specialist and experienced and qualified experts to eliminate problems that may arise.

If you decide to have a new yacht contact us.

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Manufacturing Wooden Yacht - Bodrum Turkey Manufacturing Wooden Yacht - Bodrum Turkey Manufacturing Wooden Yacht - Bodrum Turkey
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