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Technical Services for your boat, winter maintenance and repair services - Bodrum Turkey

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Usually there are the periodic maintenance of all yachts must be done before the season. As they increase the lifespan of the boat and equipment, they will help you make the economy in the long run. During the annual maintenance for engines, generators, water pumps, air conditioners, electronic equipment, you need the best craftsmen. At the same time, you will need the help of a master of painting, carpentry and flooring.

In some periods port authorities control land and sea all commercial and private boats. If results are positive, the administration prepares a certificate of airworthiness.  So you have to do the engineering controls in their periods.

Technical Services for your boat, winter maintenance and repair services - Bodrum Turkey

We can offer technical support services for boats:

The wooden parts of the boats are repaired or replaced by our expert teams depending on type of material.

Teak flooring
The material on the teak deck is protecting against the cabin water leak. So teak flooring must be well scratched, chewed and oiled by an experienced team.

You must use the proper equipment for parts exposed to sea water, moisture and sunlight.

The drinking water reservoir, the waste water tank and facilities

We must use the equipment to manufacture the stainless resevoir of drinking water, waste water tank and facilities. Some times you have to control their.

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